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Lorenzo Serrano
General Manager

Hilary Romero



Raul Delgado
Valet Manager

Chris Cuadra
Sales Manager

Dominique Chrisman
Encore Delivery Specialist

Dwayne Neill
Sales Consultant

Ethan Amaral
Sales Consultant

Jesse Thomsen
Sales Consultant

Kevin Chavez
Sales Consultant

Sonny Nejad
Sales Manager

Mateo Sosa
Sales Consultant

John McCarty
Sales Consultant

Lloyd Reese
Love Encore Delivery Specialist - Subaru of America SubeStar
(626) 322-2457

Lloyd F. Reese - Subaru Star Delivery Specialist


Lloyd became a member of the Puente Hills Subaru Family in March of 2013, after a successful and rewarding 30-year career in Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (Study of Diseases) Clinical Chemistry, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.  Followed by a gratifying and rewarding ten years in Entertainment.  Lloyd attributes the patience, discipline, focus, and listening skills he acquired working in those careers to have allowed him to utilize those same attributes in his current position as a Subaru Star Delivery Specialist.

Subaru vehicles continue to evolve and become more sophisticated. Subaru of America recognizes the importance of communicating these advancements to our customers and assisting them in understanding and fully utilizing the features and benefits of their new vehicles. The Subaru Star Delivery Specialist is the "Go to Person" to explain technology before, during, and after delivery. In addition, the Subaru Star Delivery Specialist is responsible for answering customer questions regarding technology in the showroom and on the service drive.

Lloyd is the consummate professional, illustrated in his character, integrity, honesty, work ethic. His commitment to Sales/Process Focus has been demonstrated and practiced daily using the HEART pillars (Honesty, Empathy, Appreciation, Respect, Trust), showcased throughout his nine-year tenure with Puente Hills Subaru, beginning as a retail sales associate in March 2013. In June 2013, Lloyd was the recipient of the 2013 Subaru of America/Puente Hills Subaru Walk-Around Champion Award. Also, in August of 2013, Lloyd was promoted to the position of Internet Sales Manager. In 2014 Lloyd was the recipient of the Puente Hills Subaru Employee of the Year Award. From 2014 through 2017, Lloyd focused on Community Involvement utilizing his Degree in Cinema / Television Production and his Professional Photography experience. Integrating photography & videography, Lloyd developed and produced projects for the Puente Hills Subaru Vehicle Website; Used Car Vehicle Inventory (Photography), Community Relations; The Circle of Friends Non-Profit Community Organization (Video Production & Photography), Puente Hills Subaru Employee Portraits (Photography), along with the Thomas J. Doll, Subaru of America President & CEO visit to Puente Hills Subaru, (Photography, Video Slideshow Presentation). 

In March of 2017, Lloyd was promoted to the position of Assistant Sales Manager, managing six Retail Sales Associates and six Internet Sales Managers. In this position, Lloyd integrated and utilized his Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution training and experience.

Later, in June of 2017, Lloyd was offered the new Subaru Star Delivery Specialist position, created by Subaru of America. In November of 2017, Lloyd attended and graduated from the Subaru Star Academy, becoming a Certified Subaru Star Delivery Specialist. The new position needed to be developed and structured within the Puente Hills Subaru Dealership.

Once again, Lloyd utilized his organizational skills, commitment, dedication, drive, and perseverance. Funneling all the knowledge and experience from his three previous positions at Puente Hills Subaru to develop the new Subaru Star Delivery Specialist position. During the developmental process, Lloyd also integrated his Customer Relations experience; Consumer OLP Surveys, and Troubleshooting. Through Lloyd's endless efforts, and the support of management and sales staff. Lloyd developed the Subaru Star Delivery Specialist position into a viable commodity within the Puente Hills Subaru Dealership. Additionally, Lloyd assisted in producing and creating the Delivery Specialist Program Page on the Puente Hills Subaru Website (Photography Videography). Lloyd's continued passion for learning manifested growth and development in the position. In July of 2018, Lloyd was the recipient of the Subaru of America/Puente Hills Subaru Walk-Around Champion Award for the second time. Lloyd is a team player; his gratitude is his professional relationships that are solid and with every department within the Puente Hills Subaru Dealership. Lloyd continually demonstrates his passion for helping others learn by sharing and mentoring conducting Continuing In-Service Product Training Sessions with the Sales Staff. Lloyd truly enjoyed his work and was recognized in the March 2019 Puente Hills Subaru Newsletter with the Employee Spotlight.

Lloyd continues to excel. In May of 2020, Lloyd was nominated and awarded for recognition of his outstanding performance, as a Subaru of America Subaru Star. Lloyd's leadership skills are tremendous. He can work with many different types of people and handle conflicts between those around him. At 67 years old, Lloyd is the senior in the Sales Department, with the most tenure. Yet, Lloyd's not slowing down by any means. Lloyd's ideology, "it's not about him. Life is a two-way street". The young staff members share their youth and enthusiasm. Lloyd loves sharing his wisdom and life's experiences. Lloyd has compassion for caring, giving, helping, and he is genuinely concerned about his fellow person.  

Lloyd, proud of the achievements of having a Subaru Purchase Love-Encore Delivery Specialist Qtr.1, February 2022 Delivery Specialist Score: 977, with a Quality Survey Index Score of 100%, Subaru Love Encore Delivery Specialist Scores Report 3-12 Month Rolling Score of 984, with a Quality Survey Index Score of 100%.

Carlos Cerna
Sales Consultant

Speaks English & Spanish

Christopher Tiusiu
Sales Consultant

Speaks English & Tagalog

Elson Ho
Sales Consultant

Speaks English & Chinese



Andrea Barron
Express Writer/Service Greeter

Cesar Aguirre
Service Consultant

Christina Huizar
Express Writer/Service Greeter

Breann Tang-Gaddi
Express Writer/Service Greeter

Eric Teutli



German Minero
Parts Manager

Hugo Avalos
Parts Associate

Jose Diaz
Parts Associate



Linda Doherty
Finance Manager


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