The Reviews Are In: Puente Hills Subaru Stands Out among LA-Area Auto Dealerships

Honesty, Integrity and Transparency Are Words Most Commonly Used to Describe Puente Hills' Approach to Sales, Customer Relations and Maintenance and Repair Services

We didn't get here by accident. Today Puente Hills Subaru is among the most trusted and respected auto dealerships in the greater Los Angeles area, but requires an ongoing, relentless focus on, and dedication to, you, the customer.

We believe our approach - which emphasizes honesty, integrity and transparency as our guiding principles at Puente Hills Subaru - fits well with the Subaru brand. Subaru vehicles are straightforward and unassuming, and reliable and dependable. That comes through in everything from the low-key styling to the functional interiors to the inclusion of all-wheel drive as a standard feature.

The proof, and motivation to work harder every day, is in our reviews. Following are examples of reviews we receive all the time. One customer appreciates our friendly and knowledge salespeople who know when not to push too hard. Another remarks on the "extra mile" a finance center specialist went to secure affordable financing that it made it possible for them to buy the used Subaru they needed for work and school. And then there's the happy Subaru owner who took a moment to commend a member of our Service Center team for patiently explaining the need for a particular repair, and then making sure it was completed in record time.

Read on. Hopefully you'll feel inspired to add your own!