When on the road, you never want to be surprised by an object that you failed to see. That is why you need a model that is capable of allowing you to get a view of every area around the vehicle. With its wide array of impressive safety features, the Subaru Crosstrek is able to do this better than most vehicles in its class.

Monitoring the Corners

When it comes to driving, the corners of the vehicle can be some of the hardest areas to keep track of. This is because blind spots are often large enough to hide an entire smaller vehicle from your view, which means that you have the potential to make a lane change without realizing that they are there. In order to help avoid any of these collisions from occurring, the Crosstrek comes with Blind-Spot Detection and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert.

By using strategically-placed sensors on the exterior of the vehicle, it is able to use the Blind-Spot Detection system to detect whenever a vehicle is within one of the blind spots. It will then send you a visual alert to make you aware of this so that you do not accidentally collide with them.

It even has you covered when reversing thanks to the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert system. This is able to detect incoming traffic from either side of the vehicle as you are backing up and uses a combination of both visual and audible warnings to make you aware of any approaching vehicles.

Eyes In the Back of Your Head

It is not just the corners of the vehicle that need to be watched, it is also directly behind it as well. Thankfully, the Crosstrek uses its Rear-Vision Camera system to help you get a clear view of everything that is behind it. It even includes projected guidelines to help you see exactly where your vehicle is headed while reversing and how far it is from any objects.

Make sure that you are always able to see everything that you need to by purchasing the Subaru Crosstrek today.

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