When it comes to vehicles, there is an ongoing battle between being spacious enough but not too large that it becomes a challenge to drive. Thankfully, the Subaru Crosstrek is able to perfectly walk this line as the exact right-sized compact SUV.

A Seat for Everyone

Many other smaller models can officially fit in five people at once, but for anyone in the back seat, it can be a very cramped and uncomfortable experience. The Crosstrek makes sure that no matter where you sit in the vehicle, you will have plenty of your own space. So when it says that it comfortably seats five people at once, it really means it.

Expandable Storage Area

By looking into the back of the Crosstrek, even when all of its seats are in their upright positions, you will be surprised to see just how much cargo area there is. But it gets even better thanks to the 60/40-split fold-down rear seats. Simply fold down one section of the back seats or the entire back row and instantly gain access to significantly more storage space to hold all of your favorite items.

Thinking Outside the Vehicle

Even with all of the storage inside of the vehicle, sometimes you will have something large that you need to store somewhere else. In these situations, the Crosstrek has you covered with its standard raised roof rails and assortment of racking accessories.

Whether it is a bike, kayak, or something else, put it up on top of the vehicle and leave the interior storage for your other items. This will help to further ensure that you are never again forced to leave something behind because it won’t fit in the vehicle.

With all of this space and functionality, the Subaru Crosstrek truly is the perfect level of convenience. Enjoy a bigger size with fewer hassles by purchasing your Crosstrek today.

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