Something that you never want to experience as a driver is having a lack of storage space within the vehicle. This can significantly limit what you are capable of doing with your vehicle and have a severe negative impact on your overall enjoyment while driving it. That is why the Subaru Ascent makes sure to never run out of storage space by having such a wide array of storage features built into it.

Fewer Passengers and More Storage

Unlike other vehicles that have very limited options when it comes to its storage capabilities, the Ascent is able to utilize extremely versatile passenger seating to create the optimal amount of cargo space for any situation. With all of the seats upright, there is still a decent amount of storage in the back to hold a variety of smaller and medium-sized objects.

However, you can easily use the 60/40 seating in order to fold down the third row of seating as well as the second row if it is not needed by the passengers. This will give you access to an unparalleled amount of rear cargo space that is capable of storing almost anything you could ever need.

Hidden Storage Below

When it comes to the Ascent, just because you cannot see something, does not mean that it isn't there. This applies to the under-floor storage which is discreetly hidden in the back of the vehicle. This area allows you to keep a variety of smaller items located underneath the vehicle where they are then hidden out of sight.

Put It on Top

When you run out of storage space inside of the vehicle, you are not out of options entirely. This is thanks to the standard raised roof rails that come with the Ascent. These roof rails allow you to securely store a variety of items on top of the vehicle, including canoes, bicycles, and any other bulky items. This allows you to use the interior space for the smaller objects that can't go on top of the roof.

Get more storage options than you know what to do with by purchasing the Subaru Ascent today.

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