Although it is important for the driver to feel comfortable in their own vehicle, it is important for their passengers to feel comfortable as well. This is especially true if the passengers are often young children since uncomfortable children can quickly become upset and make the drive far less enjoyable. That is why the Subaru Ascent puts such a big focus on comfort for not only you but your passengers as well.

Fitting the Entire Family

For those with large families, they frequently have to deal with the issue of either not being able to get their entire family in the vehicle at once or having to cram people in the vehicle to the point where they are very uncomfortable during the drive. With the Ascent, you do not have to do either of these things.

By getting the eight-seat model, you can easily fit your entire family in at once while still having a fair amount of cargo space. However, you could also go for the seven-seat model which gives you the available second-row captain's chairs that help to ensure that your passengers have more room to themselves than ever before.

Better Views For All

As a rear passenger, your views during the drive can often be fairly limited. However, the Ascent works to fix this by offering the available panoramic moonroof. This massive moonroof is able to be retracted with a single push of the button. Once it has fully slid back, it will give the rear passengers the opportunity to look up and see a gorgeous view of the sky as well as receive a fair amount of sunshine which will help to make the back of the vehicle see much more airy and open.

No Need to Hold Cups Ever Again

It can be quite inconvenient to have to hold a drink in your hands or between your legs while riding in a vehicle because there are no available cup holders. However, you will never run out of cup holders with the Ascent thanks to its 19 available cup holders located all throughout the vehicle.

Ensure that everyone in the vehicle is always as comfortable as possible by purchasing the Subaru Ascent today.

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