When it comes to buying a new or used car, buying from a dealer has always been more reliable than doing business with a private seller. Unlike sellers, dealers have to follow certain laws and regulations to maintain their license and continue operating in that state.

However, the truth is that despite these laws and regulations, there are certain dealers that you’re better dealing with than others. Keep reading to discover a few of the telltale signs that you’re buying a car from a trustworthy, reliable dealer:

You See Good Reviews

One of the most obvious signs that you’re buying a Subaru Impreza at a Los Angeles dealership that’s trustworthy and reliable is noticing a lot of good reviews. You can check out their website and search for the dealer on Google to see what people have to say about their personal experiences. Take different customers’ opinions into consideration and weight out the average ratings of the dealer—overall, are the reviews mostly positive? Do they seem to have a good online reputation?

You Hear Good Things

Another powerful form of marketing is word-of-mouth. It’s done by regular people, who aren’t paid or sponsored by the company to do it—so you know those reviews are genuine. They just speak from personal experience and share that information with others. If you hear positive experiences from your friends, family members, or coworkers from their time working at the dealer, that’s a good sign that you’ll likely experience high-quality service as well. And if you experience good service, you’ll likely want to pass that on to your own friends and family members as well.

You’re Dealing With Good Car Dealers

Another telltale sign that you’re at the right new or used Subaru dealership in Los Angeles can be detected by how the car dealers treat you. If they’re patient, understanding, and open to listening to your questions, concerns, and personal preferences (as they should be), you can feel confident that you’re in the right hands. You shouldn’t feel rushed or pressured to make a deal if you haven’t even discussed what you’re looking for yet, or you haven’t asked any questions or expressed your concerns.

As a customer, your needs, interests, and personal preferences should always come first. And as a potential buyer, you should take your time to explore the different options available—buying a car is a big investment, after all, and you should feel taken care of and cared for throughout the entire process.

There’s Transparency in the Process

One of the worst things that can happen at a dealer is to hear about the price and a few expenses that you might have to pay for, and then unexpectedly hear about additional expenses and fees you have to pay at the very end. Before you decide to get that new Subaru Impreza in Los Angeles, you should ask your car dealer what expenses you can expect to pay—and they should be honest, upfront, and completely transparent with you. As a potential buyer, you need to be informed of your potential expenses from the get-go—not get them piled up at the very end. Get your new or used Subaru from a dealership in Los Angeles where the car dealers will be honest and transparent with you.

They’ve Been Around For a While

While newer dealers don’t mean you’ll experience bad service or get a bad deal (they could just be starting up), when a dealer has been around for a long time, they’re probably making their customers happy and want to keep coming back. With many dealers out there, when one continues to be in operation for a long period of time, that’s a pretty good sign. Of course, you should also check out their online reviews and overall reputation to learn more—and hear about people’s personal experiences, if you can. That way, you’ll know what to expect and do once you arrive in greater depth, without any surprises (if you do decide to go there).

You Don’t Notice Red Flags

When you’re dealing with a sketchy dealer, there are often red flags and bad signs that you might feel from the very start. You can call it your intuition, signs from the universe, or just a bad gut feeling, but if you’re not feeling good about being there, there could be a reason. Maybe a certain aspect of the deal doesn’t seem entirely right or a dealer isn’t being transparent with you. Whatever the reason might be, if you’re not feeling great, you might want to look deeper into that feeling and ask yourself why.

On the other hand, when you get a bad feeling make sure it really is a bad feeling—and not just your nerves making you act a certain way. It’s very understandable that buying a new or used car is a big decision to make and you might feel nervous. Take a breather and don’t rush the process—take your time when exploring different models and thinking your options over.

Are You Looking to Buy a Car?

If you’re looking to buy or lease a new or used Subaru from a dealership in Los Angeles, make sure you’re visiting a trustworthy, reliable dealer with a good reputation. Check online for reviews, ask for opinions and personal experiences from friends and family, listen to your own judgment, and trust your intuition. Buying a car is a big investment—and the buying experience will vary largely depending on where you get your new car from.

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