There are certain times and situations when you probably need a car — when you’re living in the suburbs, you’re a working parent who needs to drive their kids or grandparents around, or you love road trips and like to hit the slopes or beach during the summer.

But what about those times when it might not seem so apparent — like when you’re in college? Do you really need that Subaru WRX in Los Angeles, or can you rely on walking, public transit, and other forms of transportation such as Lyft and Uber to get you around? While it depends entirely on your situation and personal preferences, there are many advantages to having a car in college that you may or may not have already considered. Keep reading to check out a few:

You’ll Save Lots of Time

When you’re in college, your time might be limited — especially around midterms and exams. It can be hard to balance studying with completing projects, attending classes, and working on group assignments. It’s even harder to do if you’re managing school with a job, and are trying to have time for hanging out with friends and family and trying to maintain a personal life.

Having a car will save you lots of time spent on bussing or taking other forms of public transit to campus — especially if your commute requires transfers or lots of walking. You won’t need to spend time dealing with delays or crowded busses — especially when the weather’s not great. You’ll probably be spending lots of money on taking public transit or rideshare services anyways, so why not save that money for your own car? It will also save you in tight situations, like when you need to get to an exam as soon as possible but public transit is far too slow.

You’ll Have Greater Freedom

With time spent on commuting, it’s easy for college students to get caught up in their time with commuting, going to classes, studying, doing assignments, trying to balance their responsibilities with a personal life, and possibly holding down a part-time job on the side. When you have your own car, however, and you don’t need to worry about taking public transit, you’ll have greater time and freedom to get to where you want to go. This will open up your time when getting from place to place, and will strongly encourage you to get out more and explore different places and areas that you haven’t been to, or don’t go to often enough. In basic terms, having your own car will expand your world.

You Can Get Home For the Holidays

This point entirely depends on whether you’re living at home during your studies, or whether you’ve moved out of your parents’ house and are living on your own or with roommates. If you’re living away, it can be difficult to get home and visit your parents during the holidays — especially when you’re carrying lots of stuff to bring home during your stay. When you own your own car, you can just throw everything into the trunk and get going (just make sure you don’t completely overload your vehicle). You should be able to go home and see your family much more often. You can also carpool with friends who are heading in the same direction, or search for other students who are heading in the same direction to carpool with and save money on gas.

You’ll Expand Your Opportunities

During their time in school, a lot of students balance their studies with part-time jobs. This makes it easier to pay off living, food, school, and transportation expenses, and have extra money for going out and doing recreational activities. However, jobs on campus are usually limited as only a certain number of students can land those. If you can’t find a job on campus, chances are, you’ll have to commute to one outside of college. Owning your own car can expand your opportunities and enable you to find positions in other places you haven’t considered before, which will greatly increase your chances of finding a position.

It’s More Convenient

One of the most obvious reasons why you should get a car in college is greater convenience. It’s extremely convenient to have your own form of reliable transportation to get you around, and you don’t need to walk long walks or take the bus when doing your groceries or running important errands. And if you’re living in a house or building with roommates, having a car will be more convenient for everyone to get around when doing their shopping, going on roadtrips, or basically doing anything together.

However, the fact that you own your own car might not always play to your advantage. It might be more convenient for getting your shopping done and heading on trips with your roomies, but be prepared for others to ask you to drive them around! You could always say no, of course, and establish those boundaries right from the get-go.

Are You Thinking of Getting a Car?

As you can see, there are many benefits that owning your own car, as a college student, will bring you. Just check with your college and make sure they have parking and allow students to bring their vehicles on campus. Just keep in mind that owning your own car does bring along its own responsibilities, like getting regular maintenance done, paying fuel, insurance, and other car-related expenses, and generally taking care of your vehicle. Visit a Subaru Los Angeles dealership today to check out your options, and learn about different financing options that are available. Many dealerships offer special financing options specifically for college students, so keep that in mind when checking out that new Subaru Forester in Los Angeles.

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