Buying a new car is an exciting process—but it can also feel a little nerve-wracking. With so many uncertainties and different factors to take into consideration, how can you keep everything in mind and ultimately make the best possible decision? To help make the decision-making process a little easier, check out this list critical questions that you should ask yourself before you buy a new car.

What Condition is the Car In?

One of the most important questions that you should be asking is “what condition is the car in?” If you don’t ask this question (and ask for the vehicle history report along with it), you might be dealing with problems in the nearby future. If the car has undergone extensive repairs in the past, long-lasting damage could have been caused to the vehicle, which will require you to continue getting repairs done as you start driving.

Find out what condition the vehicle is currently in now, what kind of damage and repairs it has undergone, and how many drivers have previously owned the vehicle. All this information can give you further insight into what the car is worth now and what you might expect as the next potential owner. When it comes to the condition of your new potential vehicle, you won’t want to take any extra risks by making a decision when you’re not fully informed.

How Much Does the Car Cost?

Another important question to ask is about how much the car costs. While this question might seem obvious, it’s important to ask it early on, so you can avoid wasting your time by looking at cars that are outside of your budget. It can be disappointing to find a car that comes across as absolutely perfect, only to find out later that you can’t actually afford it. Landing in that situation could even tempt you to make a decision that isn’t responsible or a good idea, financially. Make sure you ask if there are any additional fees that you can expect to pay, too. A good dealer will be honest and upfront with you about costs from the very beginning—not surprise you by throwing them in at the very last second, when you’re already hooked on your vehicle.

What Financing Options Are Available?

If you’re planning on getting a new or used Subaru from a dealership in Los Angeles, there are probably different financing options available. Visit your local dealer and ask them how you can finance your vehicle. Can you apply for a loan online, and what are the chances of securing one? Are there any discounts available for college students, recent graduates, or veterans? Do you have any specials going on right now? These are all important questions to ask that can end up saving you a lot of money.

Will I Be Covered By a Warranty?

When you buy a Subaru Impreza from a Los Angeles dealership, in many cases you might be offered a one or two-year warranty on your new vehicle. If you’re buying a used car, however, the chances of landing one won’t be so high. Regardless, talk to your local dealer about warranty coverage for your new or used Subaru from your Los Angeles dealership. See what options are available, and if there are any special deals or discounts they might be able to give you.

Where Did You Get the Vehicle From?

While you probably won’t need to ask this question at your local dealer, you’ll definitely want to ask it when buying a car from a private seller. Dealers are regulated under certain laws and regulations that they have to follow—otherwise, they could lose their license. Private sellers, on the other hand, don’t have to follow a certain set of rules and can get away with shady business much easier.

It’s definitely not unheard of for dealers to lie about certain aspects to close a deal, such as where they got it from. It could have been stolen from another driver against your knowledge. Search up the license place online to find as much information as you can about the vehicle, and make sure that all the information you’re getting lines up. Trust your instinct, and be wary of any suspicious thoughts or bad gut feelings that you get—they could be there for a reason, as your subconscious could have picked up on small cues or details that sound suspicious or contradictory.

Why Are You Selling This Car?

Again, if you’re dealing with a private seller, you should find out important information such as why they’re choosing to sell their vehicle. Was there something wrong with it? Is it not working very effectively anymore? Or did the seller’s lifestyle or personal circumstances change, and he no longer needed that vehicle? Ask for the vehicle history report to get detailed information on the car’s history.

When buying a new or used car, it’s important to ask important questions that will help you enable you to be fully informed of the situation and help you find the right vehicle that’s suitable for your wants, needs, and preferences. To buy a car the safe way and gain access to a variety of different options, search for your new or used Subaru at a dealership in Los Angeles, and you’ll gain access to a variety of different models and features. You can also take your time to speak with a knowledgeable, reliable car dealer for tips and suggestions, ask to conduct a test drive to get a feel of a particular vehicle, and learn more about the different financing options available.

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