Whether it is across the state or across the country, people love to go on road trips. But in order to do so, they first need a vehicle that is designed to be able to handle any kind of road trip they might have planned. That is where the Subaru Impreza comes in handy thanks to its variety of features that make it a one of a kind vehicle that is a must-have for any road trip.

Spacious Interior

With a versatile interior that can be modified to meet a wide variety of storage needs, the Impreza is a truly perfect vehicle to bring on a road trip. With all of the seats up, it can comfortably fit five passengers at once. However, all you need to do is take advantage of the 60-40 split fold-down rear seats and you can access even more storage space while still being able to fit three passengers at once.

Utilizing Exterior Storage

It is not just the interior of the Impreza that can be used to store your favorite road trip items. Thanks to its standard roof racking capability, you can also store some of the larger items on top of the roof to create more interior room for other objects. With the roof rack brackets and roof rails, you are able to store a wide variety of items on top of the vehicle, including kayaks, bikes, and more.

Connect to Unlimited Entertainment

Sometimes road trips can get pretty lengthy, which is why passengers should always have ways to entertain themselves on the drive. The Impreza makes this easier than ever thanks to its available Wi-Fi connectivity that is accessible from within the vehicle. From start to finish, the driver and passengers can all connect to the vehicle’s Wi-Fi connection and instantly be granted access to an unlimited world of entertainment options.

If you have any sort of road trip planned in the near future, then you will be sure to want to get the Subaru Impreza right away to make the most out of your trip.

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