With all of the things that a driver has to watch while on the road, you are bound to miss something eventually. Unfortunately, not seeing something on the road can often lead to an accident occurring. This is why the Subaru Impreza work so hard to include features that ensure that you will never miss anything again.

Eliminating Blind Spots

One of the most common hazards on any vehicle are the blind spots. These unfortunate areas towards the back corners of the vehicle provide an opportunity for vehicles to sneak in and go unseen. However, this is no longer an issue with the Impreza thanks to its Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert features.

By utilizing the multiple sensors that are located around the vehicle, the Blind Spot Detection feature is able to constantly monitor both blind spots and will alert the driver if a vehicle enters one of them. With the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert feature, the vehicle looks for any oncoming traffic approaching from either side as the vehicle is reversing. The driver will receive a clear audible and visual warning if any incoming vehicles are detected, so that they can take the appropriate action to avoid an accident from occurring.

Reversing With Confidence

Trying to reverse a vehicle can be incredibly stressful for many drivers, which is why the Impreza includes the Rear-Vision Camera and Reverse Automatic Braking features. As soon as the vehicle is put into reverse, the Rear-Vision Camera will go to work by displaying a live feed of the area behind the vehicle, including active guidelines. The available Reverse Automatic Braking feature allows the vehicle to automatically apply the brakes if it detects that there is an object behind the vehicle that is in danger of being hit.

Night Time Driving Made Safe

One of the hardest times to detect things while driving is during the night. However, the Impreza takes big steps toward solving this issue thanks to its LED Steering Responsive Headlights. These helpful headlights are able to not only provide a stunning glow of light in front of the vehicle but can also automatically direct the light towards the direction in which a vehicle is turning.

Help ensure that you never miss anything on the road again by purchasing the Subaru Impreza today.

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