So you want to buy a Subaru in Los Angeles. Choosing a Subaru is definitely a great choice, but picking the perfect vehicle model for you and your family can be tough. A minivan isn’t the most stylish choice. A truck has great hauling capacity, but it doesn’t offer a whole lot of seating. If you’re looking for something a little more sleek that won’t leave your kids embarrassed when you drop them off for school, your two best options are an SUV/Crossover vehicle, and a sedan. But which vehicle type works best for you?

This is a problem that stumps our customers for weeks. After all, both vehicles are great options that offer both similar advantages and their own unique qualities — you wouldn’t be wrong to pick either one. Of course, driving a sedan like the Subaru WRX in Los Angeles is common, as sedans are a great vehicle for the average commuter. Hatchbacks, on the other hand, are a more modern option. Subaru SUVs provide a sleek yet rugged edge and have better hauling capabilities. This makes SUV’s a great option for larger families, and people who love to road-trip or spend the weekend hiking. Still not sure which care is the one for you? Don’t worry, because we have a comparative list of all the differences between an SUV and a sedan.


SUVs are the obvious winner when it comes to trunk space and overall carrying capacity. Subaru’s SUVs have rear hatches and bigger trunks to give drivers more storage space than a sedan could offer. If you’re looking for a car that you can use to pack tons of after-school sports equipment or tons of groceries, using a sedan may leave you feeling a little crowded.

Subaru sedans have freight trunks that are separate from the car’s cabin. Typically, a sedan’s trunk sits at the back of the car, behind the rear seating. Most of today’s Subaru sedan models come with foldable back seating to allow drivers to store longer items. Unfortunately, the short roof of the trunk generally doesn’t allow for high piling. Unless it’s flat packed, picking up furniture with a sedan probably isn’t the best idea.

SUVs are way more versatile when it comes to spacing. If you own a Subaru Forester in Los Angeles, you know that you can pack much more into your car than anyone with a sedan. You can pack as much cargo into your SUV as you could in a sedan with the rear seating folded down. The difference? The SUV doesn’t compromise any seating. SUVs also have folding rear seats for those extra heavy hauls. Be careful: if people find out about how much your SUV can take, you may be everyone’s number one choice to call for moving trips and pickups.

Overall Size

Sedans are the car of choice for the typical commuter looking for an easily handleable ride to get them through rush-hour traffic. When you’re faced with the oh-so-famous LA traffic conditions, a sedan is the perfect choice to handle tight turns and quick stops.

SUVs aren’t well known for being the world’s easiest car to handle. They do tend to be bigger than sedans, so they are slower to accelerate and slow down. But with today’s technology, Subaru SUVs can actually feel just as easy to drive as a typical sedan. New safety features provide a great assist for drivers, as new models can indicate when the driver is too close to the car in front of them, or whether the rear is being blocked by a vehicle or pedestrian during reverses.

Compact SUV models like the Subaru Forester are slightly smaller than a typical SUV — the smaller size makes for an easier handle, and an easier car to get through dense city traffic. SUV hatchback trunks also make these models shorter than most sedans, making it much easier for parallel parking, and merging into crowded lanes. The Forester SUV is roughly 8 inches shorter than Subaru Legacy sedan. It’s hard to label a clear winner in this category, as both types of car offer a variety of sizes, from compact to full-sized.


No longer are sedans considered ugly, boxy vehicles. Their 3-box design (engine block, cabin, and trunk) left little to the imagination for many designers and car manufacturers over the years. But today, you can buy Subaru sedans in a range of sleek styles and colors. This variety makes them extremely popular among drivers in America.

SUVs haven’t caught up just yet in the style department. They aren’t necessarily icons — and that’s okay. After all, SUVs are revered for their carrying capacity and family friendliness, not their mold. However, Subaru SUV models have been given praise for their smooth, powerful designs. An SUV is the perfect car to buy if you’re looking to drive something a little more outside of the box.

So Which One Do You Buy?

We hate to tell you, but it really is up to you! Both vehicles are great. They both have their advantages, as well. If you’re looking to drive something powerful and utilitarian for all of your family’s needs, you’ll definitely want to go with an SUV. If you want a convenient, energetic car that also has a bold but classic beauty to it, you’ll want a sedan. Whatever you choose, you and your family will surely love it. Still not convinced? Try both of these cars out and see which one feels right for you. There are SUVs like the Forester and Sedans like the Subaru WRX available to test-drive at your local Subaru dealership in Los Angeles. Talk to a sales representative today for more information.

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