How To Keep Your Dog Safe in Your Subaru

If you’re a dog owner, know that bringing your pet into the car for vet appointments and groomings is just a part of having your furry friend around. We treat our dogs like family — because they are. But just like the rest of our family, it’s important to ensure that your dog is seated securely in your car. Did you know that it’s illegal in the state of California to let your dog sit on your lap while you drive? To most of you, this is just common sense. Your dog can be a distraction while you’re trying to pay attention to the road. You could end up rear-ending another driver if you’re too focused on getting your dog to stop licking your face. Even worse, your dog could fly into your windshield, seriously injuring them.

 Now, most of us tend not to allow our pets to sit on us while we’re at the wheel. But if they aren’t secured at the back of your cabin, they could make their way over. Even if they don’t, even a small accident could rattle them around the cabin. Don’t risk your dog’s safety while you’re giving them a ride in your Subaru Impreza in Los Angeles. Here are a few ways you can make your car safer for your pet.

Keep Your Dog Secure

Keeping your dog’s movement restricted while in the car will keep the cabin safe for everyone. If you keep your dog unrestrained, they may move freely about the car and try to make their way to your front seats. Of course, we all want our pets to feel comfortable. No one likes seeing their pet upset because they’re stuck on a leash or inside a crate. But you wouldn’t let your child ride without their seatbelt on, would you?

Unrestrained pets can be flung forward in the event of a car crash or a hard stop. Your dog could even be ejected completely from the car if the accident is bad enough. If this happens, you and your pet could be seriously injured. If you are caught in a car crash and your windows break, your dog could attempt to escape through the broken window. They could injure themselves on the glass, or escape, endangering other drivers.


If you want to allow your pet a decent range of motion while keeping them safe, a car tether is a great safety device to use. Car tethers are leads that you attach to your seatbelt. Typically, tethers click into any standard seatbelt buckle. They allow for a full range of movement. Tethers allow dogs to sit, stand, and even look out the car window. More importantly, tethers will keep your dog from climbing to the front seats and distracting you while you’re at the wheel. They also prevent your pet from falling over the seat.


These are a great option for smaller dogs. Carriers are an effective way to transport your pet. When you’re buying a carrier, be sure to choose one that your dog can move freely in. try one out at the pet store to see if your dog can stand, sit, and turn around. There are soft carriers available that are made of soft fabric materials. These are great if you’re walking around with your pet or traveling on a plane. However, you’ll probably want to go with a sturdier option if you’re driving your pet around in a car. Hard carriers made of thick plastic are the better option that will ensure your pet’s well-being. A carrier is great to have if your pet gets anxious on the road. Keep your pet’s carrier comfortable by lining it with a cushion pad or a blanket.


Dog barriers work well for bigger dog breeds who may feel restricted by a carrier. There are also breeds of dogs that are just way too big for a carrier. A dog barrier is a simple way to keep your big pet’s head from poking their heads into the front of the car. Dog barriers will keep your dog in one place while preventing them from sticking their noses into your groceries or other valuables. Keeping your dog in one place also makes cleaning your car easier, because you only have to clean the section of the car they’re sitting in.

Owners of SUVs and hatchbacks typically install a barrier between the trunk and the rest of the cabin. Sedan owners install their dog barriers between their front and back seats. A dog barrier will allow your dog for a wide range of movement. However, your dog could still escape your vehicle during an accident if the windows break or the trunk opens. Even with a barrier, it’s still a good idea to tether your dog so that they stay as secure as possible.

Booster Seats

Booster seats are generally used on small dog breeds. Booster seats elevate small pets so they can look out the window and travel safely. Booster seats also provide a barrier between your pet and your upholstery, preventing your seats from getting scratched, or dirtied with fur and dander.

Stay Safe

None of us likes restricting our dogs. After all, our pets’ joyous and carefree nature is part of why we love them so much! But safety is more important than letting your dog run freely about the cabin. Keep your dog secured to ensure that everyone in the car can get around safely. Planning on buying a new car? Remember to keep your furry loved one in mind when you’re considering your new car! Speak to a salesperson at your used Subaru dealership in Los Angeles for some tips on getting the perfect ride for you and the whole family.

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