The Subaru WRX Outperforms the Competition in Los Angeles

With teams from every major professional sports league, and plenty of college sports fans to go around, we know Los Angeles is always up for a little competition. We are too, especially because we know we have a winner in the Subaru WRX. The WRX is ready to give City of Industry drivers an incredible ride.

The WRX outperforms its competition. How do we know? Well, the proof is in the numbers. Like how the Turbocharged Subaru BOXER engine under the hood of the WRX pumps out 268 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. When you compare that to the 252 horsepower of the Ford Focus ST, or the 210 horsepower from the Volkswagen Golf GTI, there's no question.

But we know power isn't all there is to performance, you've got to have the handling. The WRX wins again, because its Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive comes standard. Think you'll get that from the Focus, Golf, or even Honda Civic or Mazda3? Nope, sorry.

There are plenty more ways that the WRX outperforms its competition. But you don't have to do the research, we've done the work for you. Visit out Subaru WRX comparison, and discover why the WRX is the right performance ride for you. Arrange for a test drive today at Puente Hills Subaru!

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